Marines Want Armored Recon Prototypes By 2023

Marines Want Armored Recon Prototypes By 2023: F-35 On Wheels Or FCS Redux? By SYDNEY J. FREEDBERG JR. WASHINGTON: By 2023, the Marine Corps wants prototypes for a radically new scout unit they want to be the ground version of the F-3F-35 5 — scouting ahead into hostile territory, killing key targets, and feeding data back to the rest of the force. Though called the Armored Reconnaissance Vehicle, the project has evolved well beyond a straightforward replacement for the aging Light Armored Vehicle (LAV) into a networked family of manned vehicles, ground robots, and drones, collectively capable of not only reconnaissance but also electronic warfare and long-range precision strikes. Marine […]


Lockheed Martin selects BAE Systems

Lockheed Martin selects BAE Systems to sustain F-35 electronic warfare systems By Courtney E. Howard  Chief Editor, Intelligent Aerospace NASHUA, N.H. Lockheed Martin officials in Bethesda, Maryland, needed a trusted industry partner to help ensure the readiness of critical electronic warfare (EW) systems on the company’s F-35 Lightning II military fighter aircraft. BAE Systems in Nashua, New Hampshire, won a five-year contract to manage the supply chain and establish the infrastructure necessary to keep systems mission-capable and readily available to warfighters. The EW suite for the F-35, called the AN/ASQ-239 system, provides the pilot with situational awareness and protects the aircraft with advanced […]